Smart Intelligence

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Smart Intelligence
This ensures easy access to enterprise structured data using pre-built analysis, thus ensuring full control over your data thanks to advanced ad-hoc and self-service capabilities.

Nubes Smart Intelligence provides the opportunity to work with traditional data sources, even combining more, to build analysis such as interactive cockpits, reports and multidimensional analysis (OLAP).

The product supports the IT staff managing enterprise environment with multitenant and complex metadata. At the same time, enables the end user to freely inquiring his own data space and producing self-made analysis and visualizations.

We make your company grow faster!

Analysis of your company's data gives you valuable insights. It makes your decision making process faster to implement the necessary action for the future.

We help to implement this tool.

We have a thorough knowlegde of this app and can help you to get productive very rapidily. We show you how to use this tool efficiently at minimum costs.

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