B2B e-Commerce

B2B e-Commerce

Differences with a B2C e-commerce.
The B2B e-commerce essentially contains all the functional elements of a b2c e-commerce, but still differs in a number of parts

Sober interface.
Since the customers know your company and your products, we especially want to offer a faster and simpler interface. Customers no longer need to explore products, but want to be able to order and re-order them quickly and efficiently.

Closed character with login.
Sometimes a B2B e-commerce is only accessible via a login procedure. In other cases, a hybrid solution can also be offered.

Distinction per customer group.
The main difference is that different customer groups usually see a different product gama with corresponding prices.

Since professional customers are served, the e-commerce platform is sometimes also used as a sales platform for your representatives.

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The hidden persuaders

We add several elements that will boost your conversion. We take away doubts of your visitors and make then decide to buy on your site in stead of your competitors site. How do we do that? Ask for more info at the bottom of this page.

We make your company more connected!

We give you valuable insights how you can better service your customers!

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