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Posted by Koen Van den Bossche 23/03/2020 0 Comment(s) Online Strategy,

In this post we explain how you can increase the turnover of your webshop by applying the so-called hidden seducers.


90% of decisions take your visitors to your site unconsciously.
Nine techniques to influence the subconscious brain of your visitors.


1. Social confirmation.


Show what others have chosen, this creates a sense of security. Show how many customers have already purchased from you. Then it will be a good choice to buy on this website. Visualize that a lot of people are working on your webshop. People allow themselves to be guided by what others do.

  • Last order 3 minutes ago.
  • Number of visitors the last 24 hours
  • Last customer review was 5 hours ago.


2. Von Restorff effect.


The Von Restorff effect is named after the German psychiatrist Hedwig von Restorff (1906-1962). it is also called the insulation effect. This predicts that if an item stands out, "reverse bike" is more likely to be remembered compared to the other items. This is an advantage in favor of remembering the unusual.



3. Authority.


If an expert says it, it will be true. People are sensitive to what an authority or an expert says about it. They are influenced by it unconsciously. Authorities can be people, but also organizations such as the heart foundation. You can also use quality marks as an authority. Expertise that has been built up by your own people can also be used.



4. Reduce uncertainty


Visitors making this a purchase decision are by nature doubters. Some are big doubters others doubt slightly less, but they all doubt. That's why your visitors need constant help, and this in every important place on your web shop.
Webshops with a high conversion take away constant doubt and uncertainty. The pronunciation of the American Conversion specialist Fling McGlaughlin speaks volumes:

Conversion happens in the mind, not on your website


5. Gaze cueing.


When confronted with faces, our eyes will intensely analyze the eyes and their highly expressive surrounding region. Eyes express complex mental states such as emotions, intentions, beliefs and desires. Research shows that eye contact is responsible for about 55% of the information in a face-to-face conversation!

We automatically focus our orientation on the same object that others are looking at.

6. Subconscious reassurance.


If your visitor performs an action on your site, indicate that the operation is very successful. That he is doing very well. Use reassuring green, such as order buttons, confirmation texts in green and so on.




Create deliberate scarcity and your visitors will be more motivated not to delay the purchase decision.
Emphasize the limited shelf life

  • You have now saved 25 euros. Order now because this discount ends within 2 hours.
  • Order now UP=UP.
  • This product is available for 4 days.

Also emphasize loss. 

  • Do not say:  '20% discount on this product. Order immediately!'
  • But: 'Do not miss this 20% discount on this product! Order now.'


8. Visual cueing.


Always provide visual hints on your site so that your user is always propelled in the desired direction

9. Reduce the pain of paying.


If possible, avoid the currency sign. Allow Afterpay, first send the product and only pay after receipt. Make the benefits visual. Show how much you save or what additional benefits you do when you buy your product.

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