Virtualisation Benefits

Posted by Bart Van den Bossche 15/09/2014 0 Comment(s) Cloudpack,

Virtualisation technology separates the server from the actual hardware by adding an extra "virtualization layer", which is called the Hypervisor. A complete server with the server OS, the applications and their data is stored in a container. This containers consists of server disk files on the Hypervisor, which hold the contents of the virtual disk drives. We optimize each virtual machine by using several virtual hard disks, such as system disk, data disk(s), database disks, temporary storage, etc.

Ultimately, virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in an organization. Instead of relying on the old model of “one server, one application” that leads to underutilized resources, virtual resources are dynamically applied to meet business needs without any excess fat" (ConsonusTech).  Source: WikiPedia.

The underlying hardware can be serviced or upgraded whithout any modification of the virtual machines.


Additional benefits of virtualisation is that we now can use a more powerfull backup method rather than only databackup. We use a double backup method. To ensure that workflows are highly available we use replication technology between several hardware platforms local and remote. Every change on every virtual server is immediately copied over to a standby hardware platform. When a machine would be down caused by any hardware related issue, we only need to power up the standy machine on the other hardware platform. Everything will be in place so that operations continue to work with minimal or no downtime.


The second major backup part is taking a snapshot of every server every 24h. The state of every server is held on a separate container. With this addtional method we can go back in time to an earlier version of the server (both OS and/or data). With this method we protect against service problems that are software related. We can go back to a point in time before the problem, to restore a good working condition.


A third benefit, not strictly backup related, but very important in upgrade testing. With virtualization technology we can deploy a replica of a complete machine that only has a different network address, while everything else is identical. On this replica every upgrade or configuration change can be tested before final deployment.