Data enrichment

Posted by Koen Van den Bossche 19/12/2019 0 Comment(s) Workflows,

Datamanagement is an extreme difficult issue for most companies. Most data input is not or hardly controlled sothat your collaborators can very easily pollute your database or other applications. Another issue is that most information is redundant and is residing in more that one datacontainer. So which information is correct and up to date ? Maintaining a good dataset can we very expensive.
That is only for data that is inserted by your own resources, but mostly there is a much greater problem and that is that the right data is often not available. Consequently a correct communication is very hard or even non-existant.

We have developed a central datacontainer that is fed by trustworthy and correct information. You can have easily access just by introducing the correct ean code of the requested product.

Manufactures are working together with us and they feed on a regular basis or Digicat database. We have one central Digicat database per sector and we gather both info as images on the products that have a ean number. So, all this info is hooked to a unique EAN code and is controlled by the manufacturer or supplier. This way you can trust the correctness of the data. Also obsolete products are flagged sothat you have only access to the latest information


Check out this video to see how this work:

This video is not available in English!

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