Your privacy, our concern

Posted by Bart Van den Bossche 15/09/2014 0 Comment(s) Cloudpack, Workflows,

Nubes consult is the only owner and administrator of all hosting services that are provided by our CloudPack solutions. No third party is envolved in our infrastructure components: we own the hardware, the hypervisors and the virtual machines. The equipment is housed in an ISO certified datacenter. Administrator access is strictly limited to one person. This person is our data protection officer (DPO).

We are using industry standards to protect the privacy of the data and workflows on our infrastructure..


As a dataprocessor and a Cloud Service Provider, Nubes complies fully to all recommendations that are published by the vendor independed organisation Beltug ( We comply with the public document "Beltug Vendor Assessment Questions for GDPR". For security reasons, we supply a non-disclosure version of this public document to our customers that are using our cloud services.


As a strictly workflow development organisation, our revenue is 100% based on SAAS workflow software services. We strictly do not sell, use, or transmit any of the data on our servers. We make sure that this data keeps private at all times.