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What is Google Adwords?
Google Adwords is an advertising program from Google, which allows you to advertise in Google search results. You then choose which search queries your advertisement shows and you pay for it.

Examples of advertisements in Google Adwords are preceded by an adv indication, the other results are (free) organic search results.

You pay per click
At Google Adwords you pay per click on your ad. Someone searches in Google for a certain search term and then your ad is shown on the page (with the sponsored links). When the surfer clicks on your ad, you pay an x ​​amount for it. After clicking on your advertisement, the visitor goes to your website.

Directly high in the search engines.
The advantage of Google Adwords is that you can literally be at the top of Google's search results within minutes. You do not have to have a good website that meets all the requirements of search engine optimization. You place a paid advertisement and you are directly at the top of the results (depending on the number of competitors of course)

Extreme results.
With Google Adwords you can get extreme results, because you can get to the top of Google with your advertisement, you can get masses of visitors to your website. Especially when you do not advertise on 1 search term but on tens of thousands of keywords at once. With Google Adwords you can really reach all "traffic" from your market, every day.

Adwords is a study in itself
Before we go deeper about the many possibilities of Adwords, it is wise to know that Adwords is not something you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Adwords is a study in itself and if you do this in the wrong way it can cost you huge amounts of money.

Tip in advance so: study Google Adwords well in advance and don't take off too fast!

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Free tools from Google to improve your website!

Many companies are (partly) dependent on their findability in Google's search results. Although it is a mystery to some companies how the order of these search results is determined, you can influence them by using the available tools. Do you need help or do you want to know more? Let us know!

Ahead start by knowlegde

As a search engine, Google is of course known to the majority of people, but did you know that Google also offers a multitude of free tools to help entrepreneurs and website owners? We help you further and ensure that your productivity increases!

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