Windows Hyper-V server

Windows Hyper-V server

Virtualisation platform
Windows Hyper-V is the virtualisation platform we fully support. The Hypervisor software is essentialy an up-to-date server operating systeem in which only the Hypervisor role is activated.

Replication platform
In addition to hosting all virtual machines on this platform, there is built-in replication technology that enables continuous real-time copies of alle virtuals machines to a second Hyper-V server as well over LAN as over WAN connections.

Commandline inteface

There is no visual interface available and no browser in order to protect safety at the highest level. This server is administered on the command-line, but we provide a minimal graphical tool in order to manage existing and new virtual machine on the platform in an easy to use way. 

Free of license costs
This platform is free of license costs because Microsoft generates it's revenue with the liceneses of the hosted virtual machines, such as Windows 10, Windows server, etc... However also third party open source server software such as Linux (CentOS), is supported including replication & backup.

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