Infrastructure maintenance
We maintain your server en network infrastructure on a freelance basis with or without your technical staff.

The components we choose to support have to fit in the portfolio of our supported techniques en products we follow-up. This can be agreed on a case-to-case basis.

Remote support and maintenance
In order to be as flexible as possible we use several remote access tools and methods. This allows us either to fast respond to support questions or allows us to be able to execute maintenance tasks at non working hours of your organisation.

Eye on the future..
We are following the technology evolutions and products in the sector in order to keep your infrastructure up-to-date. With the regular maintenance interventions we know your actual IT needs so that we can inform you or consult you in upgrade plans.

Contact with telecom operators.

On your request we can handle the communication with your telecom provider (Proximus, Telenet, ...) in order to maintain your connectivity needs. This could also include a regular review of your contracts with these providers in order to optimize costs versus needs.

Uptime when you need it, maintenance when it fits you!

Run your dataflow as it should: fluently

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